Curators' Quote


Yin and yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces.  Yin is passive. yang is active.  The idea is duality, two opposing characteristics existing in harmony, as in actually complementing each other. 


And that concept was the perfect inspiration for this exhibit as we wanted to feature two sides of the brain or, more artistically speaking, two sides of the canvas, figurative and abstract.  We curated Yin as figurative as in representing a close semblance to what is known and yang as the opposite.  Were we wrong in the assignment of passivity versus activity? 


If you asked Rembrandt and Kandinsky to capture the same moment, it is an absolute certainty that Rembrandt’s interpretation would be a lot easier to recognize than Kandinsky but that begs the question.  Is the closest more appealing than the interpreted?  Or is it vice versa?  Or is it the YIN YANG duality that makes the whole of the exhibit greater than the sum of its parts?