BEACH LIFE IS THE SWEET LIFE- Featuring Nelson De La Nuez

Beach Life Is The Sweet Life Curators' Quote

“ ‘Smell the sea and feel the sky.  Let your soul and spirit fly.’  A little poetry from Van Morrison seems an idyllic way to capture the essence of beach life which is basically a state of mind.  But Einstein also loved the beach.  He was an avid, albeit mediocre sailor and even though he couldn’t swim, not even the doggie paddle, he refused to wear a life preserver.  He would sail his dinghy “Tinef” - Yiddish for junk - into storms, often delighting in bringing unsuspecting scientists along for the harrowing ride.  He had to be rescued many times.  Can you imagine dragging the creator of the theory of relativity and his waterlogged, gobsmacked buddies to shore?  Now that’s a story well received at a buffet on the beach or anywhere else for years.  But Einstein’s behavior comes as no surprise as there have been countless studies documenting the strong connection between risk taking and creativity.  Every acclaimed artist without a fall-back plan took a risk and our featured artist Nelson De La Nuez is no exception.   Through his ingenuity, humor and homage to different pop styles he has created an engaging library of art like no other.   In curating this exhibit we wanted to celebrate beach life which is essentially the heart of the Hamptons.   Not just in the literal interpretation of being on the beach, but as a way of existence.   Even, if for some, the sweet life is just for a few months.   “You know me darling, wine first…talk later.”  “Swimming back for cocktail hour on the yacht.”  “Oh Pool Boy.”   It’s amusing.  It’s irreverent.   It’s bitchy.   “Live a fuck yes life.”  Absolutely.  Why the hell not?”