STATE of the ART



37,000 years ago, someone decided to adorn a rock and the first painting was born.   Cut to 1508 when Michelangelo took on one challenging commission only to finish five years later with the Sistine Chapel masterpiece for which he was only paid in today’s market the equivalent of 78k.   And then we have the Danish artist, Jens Haaning, who just gave the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Denmark two blank canvases after being paid 84k to create two works of art.   The two were titled "Take the Money and Run."   

Who’s to say defiance isn’t its own form of art and that those 2 blank canvases won’t sell for millions fifty years from now?  Art is just a form of expression, one that reflects the talent, temperament and point of view of the artist.   For this exhibit we wanted to present a sampling of mediums and points of view.  From the lens to the brush to the sculptures to the glass.   Maybe even throw in a few blank canvases.  Art is subjective.  Hate it or love it.   Bottom line, it wouldn’t be much fun if it all looked the same.  Andrea McCafferty & Kat O'Neill