“It’s a perspective for life as evidenced by Monty Python’s mass crucifixion scene where Eric Idle, who is also being crucified, urges his fellow victims to always look on the bright side of life.  It is also a vibrant and powerful arena for art.  Minimalists use a splash of color as an accent.   A subtle hint of something more.  There are no minimalists in this exhibit.   Dissected portraits of famed musicians painted with a rainbow palette jump off the canvas.   Cultural symbols and icons are imbued with an array of colors for impact as well as celebration. In the abstract, color is used as a social commentary of urban life capturing the hustle and the often-overlooked brightness of it all.  Don’t get us wrong we have nothing against black or white but as the celebrated painter Kandinsky said, “Color is the keyboard.”

'Andrea McCafferty + Kat O'Neill. Co-Owners/Co-Directors