What you see is how you see.  Memories.  Influences.   Beliefs.   Uncertainties.   Visions.   Regrets.   They all come into play.  And therein lies the magic.   Art speaks to every person in its own unique way.   Two people could look at the Mona Lisa and think, “Damn, I wouldn’t pay a dime for this #$%#” or “Damn, would you take a billion?”  


That is and always has been the dance of art.   What is seen and how it is seen.  To that point, for this exhibit, we wanted to present art that asks, what do you see?   A flashback to Mad Magazine by a South African artist who was captivated by the American cycle of amusement or artists who find simplicity in the abstract whether it be in the composition or the narrative.  Does color make the difference or is it the lack of color that inspires?  Are words in the art a welcomed guide or an intrusion? 


People’s interpretation defines the art.   Sadly, van Gogh who suffered so much for his art and never received a modicum of acclaim while still alive, was insightful and kind enough to say, ‘There is nothing truly more artistic than to love people.’  And to that we add, ‘regardless of their interpretation.”