Curators’ Quote


Impression is defined in a variety of ways but the one that rings true for this exhibit is an immediate effect of an experience or perception upon the mind’ as that definition works not only for the viewer but for the featured artists.  The theme of this exhibit is movement. First there is Stuart Yankell, a highly trained modern painter whose style captures the fluidity of the French impressionistic artists whether he takes you to a gathering on the beach, a bistro or brings to life a surfer catching the perfect wave.   Add to that a French artist who creates engaging and meandering abstracts from found concert posters on Parisian boulevards.  Starting as a sculptor, Sylvie Perrin now uses that prowess to reshape a moment in time.  Almost a lost art during covid but the world has come back to life and along with that her inspiration.  A third artist, Bob Tabor, photographs the Hamptons' waters in novel forms whether it be through his vivacious abstracts or moonlit tableaus while our last artist, Dorothy Ganek, brings twists and turns to canvases with unexpected choices in form and palette. 4 featured artists who ignite art in their own unique way and who together make a great first impression."