Curators Quote

Change is often feared but what if it were channeled into an intriguing alchemy where components delightfully come together to create an unimagined whole.  What began as a line or brush stroke evolves into a powerful confluence of patterns, colors and intent with natural elements adding texture, vibrant lines aligning in mysterious configurations and enchanting butterflies of myriad colors taking on 3-D proportions? 


Welcome to Metamorphosis, our first exhibit of spring.  Abstract painter Sara Conca brings mystical aquatic mixed media circles and squares to life with a luminous summation of artistic hues, silver dust, 18k gold leafing, raw color pigments, mica flakes, and natural crystals.  


Conca worked tirelessly to arrive at her instinctual style of painting, but being a descendant of Sebastiano Conca, whose work is on permanent exhibition at the Louvre, The Getty and in venerable museum collections throughout the world has served as a nice provenance of inspiration.  


Geometric abstract painter Patrick Schmidt has studied color and its effects for years believing in its timeless power as a catalyst for change and his inimitable creations entrance and enthrall as a result of his introspection.  Schmidt takes the viewer on a labyrinth of vital twists and turns exploring concepts of new order and crossroads with a neon-esque palette that says Tada!”.


This exhibit is also the premiere of The Black Room within The White Room with a solo exhibit of Punk Me Tender.   


Metamorphosis to us is not just about change, it’s about worlds within worlds.  Continual evolution.   If The White Room is a tabula rasa or in this case a blank canvas, then The Black Room is exactly the same.  A blank canvas where we bring one artist to fruition, completely immersing the viewer in the artists’ vision.  


Punk Me Tender is a French street artist whose brightly colored work explores themes of love, beauty, sensuality, and desire. At 18 he was introduced to street art by fellow artist, Mr. Brainwash. The pair worked together creating art for over 15 years. Today, Punk Me Tender’s work melds techniques of street art, graffiti, photography, and fashion. 


His work compliments the theme of the exhibit perfectly.  “The same way a butterfly is born, and how it transforms itself from a chrysalis – my whole body of work is based on that.  Art has no rules, no censor—it’s one of the last freedoms we have.   Artists need to keep making art to remind people of what freedom looks like. I think that’s the real role of any artist.” 


One of the last freedoms.  What better way for life in The Black Room in The White Room to begin.