“Markus Klinko is an internationally acclaimed fashion/celebrity photographer for many reasons, perhaps because he shot Beyonce’s first solo album cover ‘Dangerously in Love’ and Bowie’s ‘Heathen’ album cover and then the Bowie with wolves photo shoot where there were in fact wolves or maybe because he captures the essence of artists like no other.  Vogue.  GQ.  Vanity Fair.  Harper’s. Where there is fashion there is Klinko. 


Walking into this solo exhibit is like walking into a photo shoot. Beyonce and Bowie of course but for the beyond, well, Lady Gaga is sure to make an appearance but as to who else, you are just going to have to make your own appearance to find out. 


This exhibit coincides with the 20-year anniversary of Beyonce’s ‘Dangerously in Love’ where Klinko had to give up his jeans to get the shot.  It is always the stories behind the image that makes an exhibit come to life.  But it’s the images that come to life without knowing the stories that make an exhibit.”