Charles Waller was a sarcastic mixed media artist whose untimely death has left a void in the springs community, as well as the artistic community as a whole.

This exhibit is the first part of a yearlong retrospective from Geralyne Lewandowski vast permanent collection that has been curated by The White Room Gallery to celebrate the work of Charles Waller. It is a special presentation that will offer the viewer an exclusive opportunity to see a vast body of his artwork with a primary feature from “The Bridal Suite” collection.

All net proceeds derived from the sale of art will be donated to various charities including the Charles Waller art scholarship fund. Any individual who purchases a piece of art may also nominate an additional charity of their choice.


The following organizations (including but not limited to) who have already received donations are:

Wings over Haiti, Ellen Hermann Foundation, Parrot Rescue NY and East End Hospice



What is the measure of a life?  How you lived it or what you leave behind?  Charles’ life can be measured by both, because besides leaving behind a body of work truly like no other he was the embodiment of joie de vivre.  Art was his passion, and he celebrated the success of other artists even more than his own.   

We have shown Charles many times but for this exhibit, “Inside The Mind Of The Late Great Charles Waller” the muses take center stage through wedding dresses that question the toll of love and orange babies with Rhett Butler moustaches, Marlene Dietrich eyebrows and toy guns mounted on what appears to be bliss while molds of shoes dance on vintage spigots. And then there is the reappearing theme of three.  Charles left us too soon but his vision lives on.  Mark your calendars because it is not every day that you get to enter a mind like this.”