The White Room Gallery

This unique venue is designed to exhibit local as well as visiting, established artists and emerging talent.

About the Co-Directors

Andrea McCafferty has over 16 years of being in the gallery business and has curated well over 200 shows.   Her first gallery opened in Amagansett in 2000.  It was called The Crazy Monkey and there she exhibited several reverred local artists including Eric Ernst, Paton Miller, Elaine Grove and Charles Waller with exhibitions ranging from abstract to realism with provocative themes like Risque Sex and Cuban Cubism.  Looking for a larger venue Andrea landed in Bridgehampton and brought in partners to expand her artistic reach.  The focus was contemporary art and in 2015 The White Room was born.  Exhibits feature photography, mixed media, sculptures and all forms of painting with themes that challenge politics, celebrate the icons of rock, embrace graffiti as an art form and stimulate the senses.  Andrea is an artist as well working in photography and mixed media.   She has given her time to curate shows for many charitable organizations including The Springs Invitational and Art in the Yard.   She has lived in East Hampton most of her life and is often sought out by agents to stage homes and by restauranteurs to curate shows.

Kat O’Neill comes from a dramatic writing background.  She has written for stage, screen, print and radio as an award-winning creative director and playwright.  As a photographer/mixed media artist Kat’s work has been featured in numerous websites and publications including The New York Times and has been exhibited in galleries and museums with private collectors both here and abroad.  Kat was an artist in residence in Manhattan for years before moving out to East Hampton to become a resident artist.  She has used her creativity to generate money and support for The New York Philharmonic and The Jewish Children’s Museum.   She created a fundraiser at Ashawagh Hall with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Retreat.  She has donated art to support Quail Hill Farm and Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue.    When not at the gallery, Kat manages Big Bidness Inc, a creative think tank that she founded ten years ago and contributes a fiction series titled Uncle Jack’s to The East Hampton Star newspaper.  A series that goes back ten years as well.“Uncle-Jack’s-One-Armed