Joss Parker

Joss Parker

A contemporary artist - Joss Parker creates images influenced by Pop Art.  Many of his paintings and prints are celebrity portraits, such as his Marilyn Monroe series, Malcolm X and Jack Kerouac.  His primary medium is aerosol on canvas "refined to look more like a proper acrylic painting than raw or playful stencils.  

Joss Parker grew up in the 80’s pop culture with artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, Kenny Scharf, & Andy Howell.  His artistic academics began with traditional oil painting & studying the masters as he studied at UC Santa Cruz for 2 years. 

After school, he lived & traveled all over the country. Along the way, he began spray painting graffiti & revisited the pop culture of his childhood. Just recently Joss began taking up photography again for the first time since 2004 with the help of collaborations with Photographer/Artist & good friend W.E Arnold.

Joss now resides in Columbus & his work can be seen in galleries and exhibits from N.Y.C. to LA. & is currently represented by 83 Gallery as well as The Mac Worthington Gallerie in Columbus & The Pop shop gallery in Cleveland & show's with The the Antagonist art movement in N.Y.C.



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