Adoni Astrinakis

Kurt - 27 Club
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
60 x 48 in
> Adoni was born and raised in Tasmania, a beautiful island off the southern
> coast of Australia.
> After graduating college, Adoni led a successful career in business, where
> he turned around a national franchise chain.
> In 2013, after being inspired by a photo of Bob Dylan, Adoni started
> painting portraits where he found fulfillment that was far greater than he
> ever found in business.
> He has been supporting himself through painting since he first posted his
> Bob Dylan on Facebook. With subsequent works being shot for interiors
> publications and featured in various news articles and blogs both locally
> and internationally, his career is rapidly gaining momentum.
> He is now based in Melbourne, Australia’s art capital and works as a full
> time artist. He continues to be influenced by iconography within popular
> culture and our attraction to it. The central focus of his work concerns
> timelessness and the intangible x-factor of his chosen subjects,
> recapturing this essence in his own way.
> Adoni is excited to have his first American gallery group show at The
> White Room in Bridgehampton, NY, featuring his Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain
> and Jimi Hendrix works selected from his "27 Club" collection. The term
> "27 Club" refers to a number of popular musicians who died at age 27.
> 27 CLUB
> The idea here is to shine a spotlight on the 27 CLUB as an inception of
> pop culture mythology. I chose the five artists with whom I have a
> personal connection.
> Timelessness interests me and the notion of a pantheon of young artist’s
> whose work and image is powerful enough to endure whilst their physical
> presence was so fleeting is captivating.
> I like the way candid moments capture the essence of a subject in a fluid
> and naturalistic way.