Reisig and Taylor

Barbie in a Box , 2019
Lenticular Assemblage
60 x 48 in
With all the trappings of your typical American girl and all the anti-gravitational effects of a dangling marionette, BARBIE IN A BOX portrays the suspended animation of an original “teen-age fashion model” through the plastic adolescence of a doll modeled on the gestures of a modern popular icon: Barbie. Crafted at the intersections of youth and adolescence, playfulness and professionalism, figure and figurine, it is impossible to know whether she is being bought or sold—or simply enjoyed—but we see the price tag and feel that Barbie has value, we believe that this little doll is worth something…. Between the flickering retreats of hieroglyphic hands, BARBIE IN A BOX re-animates the lifelike figure of Barbie with the like-life movement a body contained in a lifeless package—hermetically sealed-off from existence but always all-ready to play.