Artist Profile


“Her operatic control of light, texture and color”* is a trademark of Zises’ work. That same critic wrote about the “interplay of softness and sharpness “ that animates her art.*

This contrast isn’t only visual. Her images display both the harmony and contradiction within each subject and its culture.

Whether the painting is an homage to a Busby Berkley film, a grand interior, chandeliers , haute couture, a “Larger than Life” botanical or , as in the newest series, the repetition of non representational forms by means of stencils, her concern with multi surfaces, light effects and exaggerated shadows is always present.

Surface glamour vies with deep scrutiny, simplicity opens up to intricacy. There is light before the darkness and darkness before the light.

The counterpoint of fragility and strength is created through Zises’ use of collage and mixed media, along with the ability to attack and preserve the surface of the work simultaneously.

” Zises works exclusively on paper treating it with an intensity and finesse artists usually reserve for works on canvas … her work is
rendered with extraordinary virtuosity.”**

1 Robert P. Metzger, Ph. D*
2 Art News**