Lauren E. Loscialo’s childhood was marked by a balance of contrasts. At a young age, she developed a strong respect for painting, photography, and nature through her artist mother, while gaining a grasp of technical, mechanical, and engineering concepts from her engineer father. These early influences impressed upon Lauren the importance of carefully marrying aesthetics with function when creating public spaces. Lauren would later be inspired by the architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe for their seamless integration of natural elements with architectural structures. It is this concept of “Contrasting Balance” that led Lauren to explore simple yet powerful correlations of textural “soft-scape” and “hard-scape” in her art.

With “Architectonic Texture,” Lauren focuses on capturing the play of organic and designed structure found in the world through photography, juxtaposing images of natural and manmade elements to evoke a curiosity in the close relationship between architecture and texture. A rigid wrought iron gate can express as much beauty as a delicate flower petal. A slender flower stem can convey as much strength as a sturdy building brick. Lauren uses abstract triptychs and diptychs as a conduit for forming relationships and making connections among her images. Employing monochromatic color, texture, natural light, shadows, and crisp, linear composition, she showcases the subtle power, sublime beauty, and curious interconnectedness of simple subjects and materials.

Lauren has an architecture background and spent over 20 years working as a landscape architect/urban planner in New York City after graduating from Rutgers University. Over her career, Lauren had the opportunity to work on many iconic urban spaces throughout the City, including Central Park and Union Square. She is an award-winning designer based on her work on a Promenade Plan/Streetscape in the vicinity of the World Trade Center site after 9/11. In 2010, Lauren launched her own design company, Lauren E. Living LLC, specializing in urban garden and terrace design.