Artist Profile

I am lucky to have lived in New York City all my life. The city has exposed me to many different styles of art. After getting a BFA, I continued my art education at the Art Students League, The New School, and the Graphics Art Center.

My career as a television producer brought me into the world of art direction, graphics, and writing.

The art I fell in love with is collage. It has the ability to create a sense of time stopped, a vacuum in which objects pause, shedding their known identities for new ones that must be guessed. This form of art makes sense of how the world is constructed of fragments, how we make coherence.

Each fragment found in old books, old letters, papers, fabrics, photographs, is endowed with content, with symbolism, with spiritualism.

Each fragment of embedded imagery is a fragile attachment to the past, the passage of time, a dream, a mystery.

As an artist I find disparate images and combine them together using many forms of media, such as paint, ink, threads, fabric, homemade papers, encaustic, etc. to tell a story and narrate a theme.

My intent is to create a portal, transporting the viewer to new sensory places.