Artist Statement

My goal is to create wave images that convey the light, energy, and beauty of one of our most precious resources - our inland and coastal waters. This lifeline provides us with food, power, sustenance, and solace, all of which we too often take for granted.

Surrounded by tidal waters all my life, I have been captivated by their colors and motion, comforted by their rhythms and light, and have yearned to find a way to express the emotions I feel as I watch them ebb and flow. What I love about photographing water is the challenge and unpredictability of it all. It is ever-changing and never the same, as it responds to bars, boulders, and jetties.

Photographing water, to reveal the colors and dynamics not seen with the naked eye is my passion. I’m always in pursuit of bodies of water that will provide unusual motion and color because it’s the dynamics of moving water interplaying with light that will create an image that will be unique in its literal or abstract character. Off-shore or on-shore winds, cloudy or clear skies, tides – high or low, the water’s depth, and the bottom’s surface, these all play a part in creating a singular moment in time – one that will never be repeated.

Working with a specialized printer, I’ve created a variety of presentations for my images. Printing on pearl paper and front-mounting on acrylic highlights the luminance and brilliance of an image; printing directly on aluminum adds a dusty effect to an image that makes it look like a painting, and printing on canvas or textile provides an even more painterly effect. Each enhances the image I’ve created and complements that moment.

My goal is to create images of waves and water that will surprise a viewer with what is there but not seen with the naked eye, and stir us to appreciate and protect this beautiful resource.