Artist Profile

Following my education at Pratt, I spent my career in the film and graphic arts field.  Now I am lucky enough to be able to pursue my own art full time.

I work with monoprinting.  Each piece is a singular piece of art.  I love to draw.  The process begins with drawing, the more detailed, the better.  The details establish the quality and the inventiveness of the work.  The printing is by hand, not with a press.  With this process, you never know the exact outcome, which is fascinating.

I take special interest in the background paper.  I always use handmade rice paper.  The most important feature is the color.  It influences how the subject will be drawn.  It establishes the mood and tone of the piece and makes the art come alive.

My artwork covers a variety of subjects. I draw people, landscapes, nature, architecture, etc.  Varying the work keeps it interesting and fresh.

I see art as a challenge.  And the challenge is to make my work unique and meaningful.