Artist Profile


My artistic mission is to create and cultivate my own unique visual language.

This language results from the interaction between intellect, chance, spontaneity, and vision. I have observed that my vision is informed by every experience I have had and by every emotion I have felt. So, even though I don’t paint a specifically emotional painting, the emotions brewing just below the surface rise into the work, affecting the thousands of decisions that need to be made which graphically influence form, content, and composition.

By relying on my intuition over my intellect, I put myself in that wondrous place where it feels like the painting has created itself and re-created me in the process. My work is, for me, a transformation accelerator.


My photographs, like poetry, seek to invoke emotions beyond the confines of the images themselves. Using the language of fantasy and imagination, I create images that are as equally about the artist as they are about the subject matter. I approach each photographic scene cinematically, working to display a depth that can be interpreted in many ways. I love to create photographs that embody the Mysteries, raising more questions than they give answers.